5. Who may participate in the Industry Trade Show?



The Trade Show is open to any company (on a first come, first served basis) that has an interest in exhibiting to the warfighter. Some of the technology requested, but not limited to: mission planning, mission debriefing, airborne laser, bore-sighting systems, weapons suspension and release, UAVs, aircraft engines, aircraft avionics, data link, ejection seats, survival gear and personnel equipment, air-to-air missiles, inertial navigational systems, new/targeting pods, HARM, JSOW, JDAM, LGBs, air-to-ground weapons, electronic attack systems, Space, Cyber, ICBM, BOL, AVTR systems, NVGs, helmet cueing systems, F-35, and F-22. Block space early by registering (see question 8) and follow up with a phone call/E-mail to the Trade Show POC at 866-681-4069 or tradeshow@weptac.com to ensure availability. To ensure availability and your acceptance to the show look for a personal E-mail from the show POC.